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A Daytrip to Duisburg:




Zoological Gardens Duisburg



Harbour tour Duisburg, the world's biggest inland harbour


Container harbour












A short visit in Oberhausen - The Gasometer:



With a height of 117,5 m, the Gasometer is Europe's highest plate gas container


Inside the Gasometer - Exhibitions and spherical sounds


Simone behind bars - on the Gasometer's observation deck




The traditional burning of X-mas trees:








The yearly ritual burning of X-mas-trees
Altogether, 30 (!) trees have been burnt during the event.  
The burning showed that fir trees can be torched much more better and easily than spruces (depending on their status of dryness).
However, the highscore of max. 10 points wasn't awarded (The shed didn't catch fire), instead two extra well dried fir trees achieved 9,8 on the scale.
Tree tuning or Tree doping wasn't yet practiced, but various methods have been discussed in regard to next year  (e.g. preparing the tree with hairspray, treating the needles with glue, etc.) - it will be interesting!
So then
- it was bloody cold, red-hot, and we had loads of fun (and 20l of mulled wine, some beer, guitar music and songs)!!!













(from: Ondaatje, M.: Running in the Family)



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