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We live in the Rhineland (Western part of Germany) and one of our hobbies is traveling.

Getting to know foreign countries, experiencing other cultures and beautiful landscapes -
that's traveling the way we like it, preferably individually and on our own.

Over the years, what started out as a pile of slides and handwritten travel diaries
has become a generally accessible private website with our travelogues and recommendations.
We would like to emphasize that this is not a commercial website - there is no paid
advertising here, only our private recommendations.

In contrast to the countless travel blogs on the internet our focus is less on us
but more on the countries and places visited - without losing the personal touch.

We are also happy to answer your questions and look forward
to your entry in our guestbook.

Furthermore, we both love books, so we recommend some good reads,
a few short stories and a novel.

Since we started out with analog photography and took fewer pictures back then
than we do nowadays, unfortunately the selection of pictures from trips taken a long time ago
is much smaller and the quality of the pictures is correspondingly low. :-(

The latter is due to the fact that many of these old pictures are actually slides and had to
be scanned first to upload them to the website - with a corresponding loss of quality.
This unfortunately concerns the Africa trips from long ago (Egypt, Kenya, Uganda,
the first Tanzania trip, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa), but also the Baltic Sea excursion,
our trips to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bali and our first trip to Australia in 2002 (where the
camera was also broken more than half the time ...), plus our first trip to Thailand in 2004.
Well, that's a pity, but it can't be helped.
But luckily we've had some great trips since then and we really hope that many more will follow!

Have fun on our pages and enjoy this virtual journey

Silke & Max





"What we think of marriage ..."

(Ondaatje, M.: Running in the Family) 





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