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Travelling, Reading, Longing for the faraway ...


In its own way, reading is like travelling - especially when the story of a book takes place in a foreign country or even in the respective holiday destination.

You dive into different worlds, learn about other places, different people - sometimes even about yourself - and get the opportunity to enlarge your own wealth of experience and knowledge.

Both at home and en route there are so many opportunities for reading and dreaming of far away places. For this reason, our backpacks always contain a stack of books and an E-Book-Reader.

So let's cast a glance into our "treasure chest", take out some of the books therein and recommend a couple of them well worth reading, ordered by geographical aspects:








Western Africa:

Barley, Nigel: The innocent Anthropologist

Barley, Nigel: A plague of Caterpillars. - A Return to the African Bush

Boyd, William: Brazzaville Beach

Boyd, William: A Good Man in Africa

Cleave, Chris: The other Hand


Eastern Africa:

Blixen, Tania: Letters from Africa

Blixen, Tania: Out of Africa

Dinesen, Isaak: Letters from Africa

Farah, Nuruddin: Sweet and Sour Milk

Gordimer, Nadine: A Guest of Honour

Halsey Carr, Rosamond: Land of a thousand Hills

Mwangi, Meja: Going down River Road

Naipaul, V.S.: A Bend in the River

Ruete, Emily: Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar


Southern Africa:

Coetzee, J.M.: Boyhood: A Memoir. Scenes from provincial Life

Coetzee, J.M.: Disgrace

Coetzee, J.M.: Waiting for the Barbarians

Degré, Tippi: Tippi of Africa

Gordimer, Nadine: The Pickup

McCall Smith, Alexander: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Mandela, Nelson: Long Walk to Freedom

Mankell, Henning: The Eye of the Leopard

Mankell, Henning: Chronicler of the Winds

Mankell, Henning: The white Lioness

Randall, Will: Botswana Time

van der Post, Laurens: The Lost World of the Kalahari

van der Post, Laurens: Flamingo Feather

van der Post, Laurens: A Story like the Wind







Boyle, T.C.: Budding Prospects

Boyle, T.C.: The Tortilla Curtain

Maupin, Armistead: Tales of the City

Steinbeck, John: Cannery Row






Mankell, Henning: The Man from Beijing



Cotterill, Colin: The Coroner's Lunch

                      Thirty-three Teeth / Disco for the Departed / Anarchy and old Dogs /

                      Curse of the Pogo stick / The Merry Misogynist



Ma Thanegi: The Native Tourist

Orwell, George: Burmese Days


Sri Lanka:

Gunesekera, Ramesh: Reef

Ondaatje, Michael: Anil's Ghost

Ondaatje, Michael: Running in the Family

Selvadurai, Shyam: Cinnamon Gardens



Burdett, John: Bangkok Eight

Osborne, Lawrence: Bangkok Days



Greene, Graham: The quiet American

Hayslip, Le Ly: When Heaven and Earth changed Places

Duong Thu Huong: Novel without a Name

Duong Thu Huong: Paradise of the Blind

Pham, Andrew X.: Catfish and Mandala



Australia & New Zealand


Bryson, Bill: In a sunburned Country

Chatwin, Bruce: The Songlines

Pilkington, Doris: Rabbit Proof Fence

Hulme, Keri: The Bone People






de Beauvoir, Simone: Les Mandarins

Izzo, Jean-Claude: Les marins perdus

Izzo, Jean-Claude: La trilogie Fabio Montale

Mayle, Peter: Une année en Provence

Pagnol, Marcel: La gloire de mon père

Queneau, Raymond: Zazie dans le métro


Spain & Portugal:

Kerr, Peter: Manana Manana - One Mallorcan Summer

Ruiz Zafón, Carlos: Shadow of the Wind

Tabucchi, Antonio: Pereira Declares: A Testimony




From all over the world


Bourdain, Anthony: A Cook's Tour. In Search of the perfect Meal

Mitchell, David: Cloud Atlas

Naipaul, V.S.: The mystic Masseur

Swarup, Vikas: Q & A / Slumdog Millionaire






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